What is HubSpot?

As a follow-up to our last webinar covering the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing, we now bring you part two - What is HubSpot?

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So you’ve just had a brand new idea and it’s GENIUS.
It’s a new business venture
Or it’s a project that needs crowdfunding
Or it’s a dynamic not-for-profit organisation
No matter what it is, we are sure it’s amazing.
But… there’s only one problem.

Even with the huge amount of online resources, there’s just too much to comprehend “I can’t handle it! I need help!”

We understand.
Come in, sit down and do you prefer a coffee or tea?

We’ll take the confusion out of marketing. Let’s remove the corporate speak and general jargon that weighs heavy on lots of business decisions. We will give you the best marketing strategy, designed specifically for your goals and budgets.

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Who is Nick Dzienny?

nicky d

Nick has extensive career experience in business development and account management. 


He has worked for HubSpot for the past three years, empowering agencies and service-based organisations to grow and scale.


Over the past twelve months, Nick has worked alongside Refuel to help us better understand and use the HubSpot features so that we can better assist our clients to achieve their goals.